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The Middle East and North Africa is warming at twice the global average – impacts are being seen in communities and the natural world throughout the region.

Ahead of COP27, a Greenpeace Research Laboratories report highlights the need for urgent action in the face of soaring temperatures, water scarcity and food insecurity in the MENA region

MENA Climate Impact Documentaries

A  series of documentaries produced by Greenpeace MENA presenting the grave impact of climate change on communities and the natural world around the region.

Tunisia’s heat, droughts and bees.

How Tunisian farmers are living the impacts of climate change,and why bees are so important to them, and what responsibility lies in the hands of polluters.

Climate impacts on the resilient Red Sea corals.

How even Egypt’s Red Sea corals are affected by climate change, what makes them more resilient than others, and why are they important to local and international communities?

Lebanon’s iconic Cedar trees.

A story of how the emblematic cedar trees of Lebanon are disappearing, because of increasing temperatures and diseases, as well as the solutions that can save them.

Morocco, a nomadic tribe’s fight for survival.

What is left when a culture is at risk of disappearing due to climate change?

Algeria’s desertification, rising sea levels and disappearing culture.

Algerian date farmers are drowning under sand, and the ancient city of Tipasa is at risk of drowning under water.

Solar solutions in Egypt.

Qulaan, one of the last tribal fishing villages along the Egyptian Red Sea coast, and a protected area, has gone from powered by diesel to powered by the sun.

Egypt’s agricultural sector under threat.

Rising temperatures, drought and seasonal disruption in weather patterns threatens Egypt’s farms and orchards.